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Tears for Tigers

Brand Identity Design

Project Summary


Tears for Tigers / Jack Baucher

My Role

  • Intake
  • Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Design


  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure
  • Brandbook
  • Website assets


Niels Kijf



Tears for Tigers Project

During my time in Ibiza I met Jack. Jack is the type of guy who wants to bring good to the world. He was setting up a new Travel Agency which focused on environmentally aware travel experiences. Not only for the people visiting, but also educating the people on the grounds of Nepal and Vietnam.

When Jack asked me to help him define his Brand Identity I was delighted. I just updated my brand identity questionnaire which I always use as homework for the client. First the client needs to decide what they want to communicate, after I can jump in with creativity and design.

All in all a great project and the result in print is even better. 
Read Jack’s testimonial at the bottom of the page.

Kind regards,

Color & Material

We chose warm and cool grey as the base colour for the company, as this reflected the contrast in dealing with endangered species and building an environmentally aware experience.

The Result

I created a brand book for Tears for Tigers which helped the company to keep their brand identity in check across channels.

Niels Kijf created a brand identity for our travel company Tears for Tigers Travel that exceeded expectations several times over.

Niels began the process by sitting us down in a very casual environment to interpret, understand and determine the fundamentals to the brand and the business.

The whole process was extremely natural and allowed the true elements and essentials to be told in the story, thus reflected in the identity of the company. From there a logo, brand shapes, business cards, marketing material and compliment cards were created.

Throughout the design process, Niels was attentive, efficient and a fantastic listener.

I highly recommend Niels for any company looking to create, design or identify their business.

Jack Baucher
Managing Director

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