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Stellar UX - A design system for meaningful human engagement.

The Stellar UX Community

A team of teams designing for meaningful human engagement.

Is your team,

  • defining design experiments for traction?
  • designing for human engagement?
  • designing with principles?


Conversational Design FTW, check the benefits!

Stellar UX Pre-scan

Start building software around human activities and
you will create value for ever!

Assess your design culture today!

Triangles of Truth

Where attention goes energy flows.

The Pitch Sentence

What are you building? What is the effect of what you are building in our real lives? Does the effect in our real life align your intended vision and ambition?

Stellar UX - Toolkit

Re-build for engagement using first principles.

Emotion Mapping

Use 36 negative and 25 positive emotions and map your experience in detail.

Human Activity Pairs

How to use natural language to define the essence of your digital products, while innovating your core business.

Experience mapping

Rebuilding features as experiences.

Engagement Formula

The formula for mesmerizing experiences.

Stellar UX - Definition Toolkit

Design for positive engagement in your community.

Your Ecosystem Map (soon)

Build a network, build wealth.

Daily Routines

How we can use (daily) routines and circular design to humanize our software design.

Conversational Structures

Create real social software with natural conversations.

Stellar UX

Design Challenges

Questions? Reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Design Challenge #1 – Why do we need to rethink our current digital design systems if we want to reach full potential with blockchain?

Download “Stellar UX – Design Challenge 1” STELLAR-UX-DESIGN-CHALLENGE-1-iteration1.pdf – Downloaded 103 times – 99 KB


Turns emotions into action, by making information actionable.

Conversational Interaction Design

Design for meaningful human engagement.

Builds Relationships by

✢ Connecting Ambitious teams
✢ Having meaningful conversations with your customers.

✢ Servicing your customer 24/7
✢ Adding Character & Personality to your product & brand design.
 Humanizing software using natural language.
✢ Mapping Experiences, not software 
✢ Tailoring to human habits
✢ Combining principles, value & money
✢ Connecting (digital) touch points with ease.

Workflow Optimisation

✢ Cost effective by designing for all screens at once.
✢ The ultimate tool for product-market fit.
Boosts (remote) collaboration.
✢ Compounds effort & insights
✢ Continuous Value Delivery & Traction
✢ Designed for (remote) collaboration
✢ Faster time-to-market.

Future Proof

✢ Pre-cursor to a new ecosystem based conversational interaction design.
✢ Makes your brand actionable in the digital space.
✢ A new design paradigm for blockchain application.

Measures Traction, not production speed.
✢ Experience scripts can be easily adjusted, amended and measured using engagement-levels.

Workshop Stellar UX

We train freelancers & teams in building novel ideas in software. Ideas that contributes to our daily lives using Design Principles & Conversational Interaction Design.

Build the internet of values, design for meaningful human engagement.

Kind regards,

Stellar UX Community

Want to learn how to design for meaningful human engagement? Share a novel idea? We belief co-creation is the way forward.

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* Materials are free during the validation period!
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