Hi! I'm Niels Kijf.

A freelance Sr. UX/UI Designer & Digital Product Designer from Amsterdam.


Bringing Regenerative AI & Human Cognition together in one tool.


Client testimonials

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Niels is super creative, constructive, and very inspiring, also taking a driving role in internal missionary work.

He developed an innovative design concept for Dirac, with conversational/assistant UI for both onboarding and continuous use.

Niels is a strong advocate for ergonomics and user friendliness. Last but not least, he can do all of this while also producing timely and complete deliveries.

Nilo Casimiro Ericsson
Dirac Product Lead

I worked with Niels for around 2 years when we were developing a new color system for our global customers. Niels re-designed the UX/UI and produced a great result. He is an easy-going and likable person and was a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Niels for freelance UX/UI projects.

Alan Cottenham
IT Manager / Valspar

I worked with Niels for over a year, but if feels as much longer due to how intense this period was.

I hired Niels as a Freelancer to initially do the the Visual Design for the consumer brand MVP, but I was tremendously wrong when I thought he would be limited to it. He did that with one arm and with the other he dived together with the team in huge amounts of data and researches and helped a lot in the UX and in many discussions of Digital transformation and the methodology used on the project development.

Niels also did the UX/UI for the professional brands that contained lots of challenges. Not limited to that, Niels is a extremely curious, open minded and creative professional with great skills to innovate and support digital projects.

For sure someone that I’m not only proud to have great conversations when it comes to trends and out-of-the-Box ideas and Startup projects, but to have as a friend. Definably someone that I would like to work again in my team and company.

Victor Soffiatti
Head of Data and Digital Media

Niels Kijf created a brand identity for our travel company Tears for Tigers Travel that exceeded expectations several times over.

Niels began the process by sitting us down in a very casual environment to interpret, understand and determine the fundamentals to the brand and the business.

The whole process was extremely natural and allowed the true elements and essentials to be told in the story, thus reflected in the identity of the company. From they’re a logo, brand shapes, business cards, marketing material and compliment cards were created.

Throughout the design process, Niels was attentive, efficient and a fantastic listener.

I highly recommend Niels for any company looking to create, design or identify their business.

Jack Baucher
Managing Director

Working with Niels on the responsive website of Kieskeurig.nl was great. He was very flexible in working hours and had a good understanding of our business and the goals our website has. He also has a good understanding of optimizing and designing for multiple screens from smartphone to tablet to desktop.

Sander Stricker
Product Manager Kieskeurig.nl at Sanoma Digital

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Digital product designer

I’m an empathic, creative, and strategic experience designer specializing in next-gen software and advanced interfaces.

I’m a motivator, digital innovator, and skilled at discovering the genuine needs of customers and stakeholders. And yes, asking the right questions definitely helps.

By standardizing problem-sensing through pain and gain assessments and mapping experiences, I create digital moments that people truly love.

Whether it’s the board of directors or the people on the floor, I possess the listening skills and design expertise to make things happen.

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Kind regards,
Freelance Senior UX/UI Designer 

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Humanizing educational content means designing interactive content that is playful and instructional at the same time.

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