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Social Design Academy

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Project Summary


Niels Kijf

My Role

  • Brand Design
  • Social Design Exercises
  • Website design
  • Workshop Design


  • Website
  • Brand Materials
  • Workshops
  • Discord



Social Design Academy

Creating Stakeholder truth is difficult in easy times, in uncertain times even harder.

Research shows that 61% of customers are looking for products and services for wellbeing benefits. Yet most companies are stuck in functional product propositions.

Aligning stakeholders by doing a Brand Assistant workshop that adds meaning to propositions, because meaning is good for business.

A clear overview of stakeholders aspirations in a couple of days, and a path towards Stakeholder Truth.

With todays novel collaborations tools like Miro, we can run workshops in hours. It solves the problem of paperwork, and we can dive into data assessment straight away.


Social Design Academy uses a distinct warm color pallet, with orange as creative highlight color.


A new social brand with a novel educational program for social impact in the 21st century.

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