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Audio Manager

Project Summary


Dirac, Sweden

My Role

  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design


  • UI Design
  • Dark / Light Theme
  • Design System / UI Toolkit


Niels Kijf / Dirac



Dirac Sound Assistant.

Create a seamless audio experience for internal and external sound devices for OEM client laptops.

Seamlessly switching between Dirac ON/OFF and easy selection of output device and sound profile, through the windows 10 taskbar

Design Challenge;

Bringing the different sound sources and Dirac sound profiles together in a clean interface.

I designed the Dirac Audio Manager with the help of Nilo & Jordan to define product definitions.

Dirac offers professional grade signal processing for OEM Laptops.


A) Dirac Audio Manager OEM

B) Dark / Light theme

Setting up the Dirac UI Toolkit really helped in the process and this  systematic approach made theming easy.


Dirac Audio Manager; a bold color pallet to distinct Dirac from the competition. 


NK did the experience design and interface design of the app. 

Shilpa Dely

Product Director

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