Hi! I'm Niels.

A freelance Sr. UX/UI Designer & Digital Product Designer from Amsterdam.

About me

I am an empathic, creative and strategic experience designer focusing on designing next-gen software and advanced interfaces. By standardising problem-sensing with pain and gain assessments and by mapping experiences I craft digital moments that people love.

I am a motivator, digital innovator, and have a spider sense to discover what customers and stakeholders actually need, ok, asking the right questions might also help.

Love to crack a joke, and a big proponent of conversation design to add a humane touch to digital design. From the board of directors to the people on the floor I have the soft skills to listen, and the workflow and design knowhow to make things happen.

Love to receive your call,
sr. UX Designer & Digital Platform Designer

What do I bring to your project?

  • Novel design tools like experience review, experience mapping and action labels.
  • Pain & gain assessments give us opportunities for improvements.
  • I am a kind and relaxed individual and design professional that loves to bring positive energy to your project! 
  • Concept, design & delivery.
  • Design workshops that focus on problem-sensing. 
  • Through experience maps, wireframes/mockups, and advanced interface design.
  • By diving into your existing teams, do research, or setup design strategies.
  • As creative/strategic sparring partner and hands-on designer.
  • Skilled in relational design techniques to solve complex problems.
  • Energetic, positive and result / outcome driven.
  • Focus on assisting human activities instead of functional features.
  • Experiences in page-based, responsive and interactive content design techniques.
  • Love to setup co-creation events for better results.
  • Using design and system thinking techniques.
  • Pain & Gain assessments from stakeholders.
  • Using a self-developed Social R&D system.
  • By seeking understanding before designing.
  • UX/UI and Accessibility issues. 
  • Cross touch-point issues.
  • Look and feel inconsistencies through design systems 
  • Co-design & Co-creation facilitator (Miro supported)
  • Story mapping & Screenwriting techniques.
  • Hands-on UX review, design, and training.
  • Rethink status quo solutions.
  • Digital platform design by mapping product segments.