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Niels Kijf

I am a passionate independent UX Director.

My mission is to humanize technology by crafting & curating
21st century proof design systems.
"I am a passionate human technology designer but the current state of the internet has me worried. We must extend our brand models with Design Principles and build software around human activities if we want to humanize our future brands & technology."
Niels Kijf
Independent UX Director

Kill your inner bitch, strengthen your inner beast.

My Design Services

I support Brands, Startups & Teams; Product VP’s, Product owners, UX Designers in creating digital products by Designing with Principles.

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About me

I am an empathic experience designer focusing on designing software around human activities. Making positive impact in our daily lives by Designing with principles is my mantra.

I am a motivator and love to connect people in your business to build value through interaction, conversation and proper experience design tools.

From board of directors to people on the floor I have the soft skill set to leverage with everybody around a just cause.

Did you know there are 3 schools of interaction design?

  1. The glorification of self – Silicon Valley
  2. The network of the state – Asia
  3. The real social software – Europe

Coined by Marleen Stikker (Waag) I focus on this third school of interaction. I help teams in forging design principles to humanize digital product design.

Currently I am working on CMSUI – a hybrid between Voice Interfaces and Chat bots – as the experience provided by both is not up to par or does not fit complex interactions.

Are you using chat bots?
I would love to learn how they are performing and how we might humanize their interactions through graphical interfaces.

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Experience Review in video →

1. Experience Review

Always happy to do an expert review of your application. Exposing micro-frustrations in real-time is a powerful tool.

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2. Design Principles First

Humanize your digital product design by booking your Design Principles workshop.

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3. Stellar UX

Crafted & curated design tools for positive change in digital media design. Join the Human Centred Coalition.

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