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My Design Services

I teach and provide online Conversational UX training for brands to transform their Application-mindset into an Assistant-mindset.

By building Conversational Script instead of pages you kill repetitive actions and reclaim your brand in the digital space.

Brand Assistants provide stellar expectation management, ask questions and use functional animation to progress people to their desired outcomes.

Assistants are based on the mental-model:

Value → Effort → Reward  Surprise.

Where applications do not value the time and energy of users, assistants step up their game by remembering progress and tailor to human flaws.

Think about it as save points in games.

Applications create repetitive work, 
assistants solve problems.

By changing your company-client relationship by focusing on retention you build relationships with your customers by providing edutainment. 

The secret?

Experience mapping enables designers and non-designers to construct solution for real life problems 
before you build your prototypes.

Conversational UX makes information actionable.

About me

I help meaningful brands and change-makers scale their story through network thinking and online co-creation. I help teams compound effort and insight into their Brand Assistant.

Design better lives, design for desired outcomes.

Compound your knowledge, effort, and positive energy into your Brand Assistant and aim for continuous value delivery for all audiences in your network.

I help meaningful brands scale their impact through Conversational Apps. I connect actors in your network and scale your knowledge, impact, and positive outcomes through what I dubbed Conversational UX.

Stop being so rigid and static, reclaim your brand in the digital space, and let people fall in love with your personality, story, and character.

Stop hiding behind the internet, and tell your interactive story. Be transparent, open, and honest, it is your superpower.

Be your radical self in the digital space. ​
Niels Kijf
Co-creator & Conversation Designer.

Brands, re-claim your ownership of the digital space.

Our Brands need to take responsibility and up their game if we want to enable society to use technology for good. Brands need to solve problem-branches with their customers and partners for mutual beneficial outcomes.

Brands need to learn to use their character, personality and talent in the digital space. Brands need to reclaim the Internet, bring back their beliefs and principles in the digital space. Make the Internet amazing ,fun and meaningful again. We need our brands to connect people, to build an Internet of values, where data is owned by users at all times.

We need to build a conversational network outside of the existing walled gardens and really start adding value to each others lives again. If we want to battle our anti-social platforms, we need to un-silo our thinking. We need to embrace network thinking and build relationships using conversational co-creation.

The world is craving social change, it is time for our Brands to step up and design meaningful human engagement. The truth is in our meaningful conversations.

Download the free workshop on Gumroad, and I will contact you shortly.

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Or contact me if you want to define your conversational design experiment and traction goal!

Questions that keep me up at night.

1. How do we innovate our business by defining our domain specific language?

2. How can we make transform page-based patterns into conversational modules?

3. How can we make information actionable witch conversation design?

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Experience Review

Exposing micro-frustrations in your software by doing video-reviews; micro-frustrations are the #1 traction killer.

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Online Training

Transform your applications into conversational scripts and build your testing into your software.

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Stellar Design Theory

Why separate design research and design strategy?
Download the Stellar Worksheets →

We turn static pages into conversational scripts.

Expose micro-frustrations in your application within 5 minutes. © 2011-2020

The Stellar UX Program

Humanize your Software with Design Principles.

For Brand Managers, Product VP’s, Product Managers & Digital Product Designers
who want to design engagement and traction, instead of functional experiences.


Experience review in video
What emotions are triggered by your application? Can we detect (micro)frustrations? Are there any experience gaps? The experience review video’s are used for analysis by senior experience designers. (10yr+) A review & learn format for product managers and teams. Book now

Workshop: Design Principles First

Humanizing your software design start with design principles first. Define your conversational assistant. A co-creation workshop for teams and stakeholders.

Book now

Stellar UX Toolkit for teams The toolkit for teams humanizing software design by designing with principles, focusing on human activity pairs, daily activities & routines, Emotion and experience mapping. Using Conversational Interaction Design to create a mindset shift from application to assistant. Free Toolkit for teams

All workshops, exercises and formats are remote compatible.

Learn more about humanizing your software design.

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