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Are you building relationships with your audiences?

The checklist: Become a Conversational Brand.

Becoming a Conversational Brand is the process of transforming send-only, functional, and reactive Brands into pro-active, hospitable, polite Conversational Brand Assistants. Your Conversational Assistant guides

Stellar Preparation

Index your stakeholder map

Before we jump into the Stellar workshop, we need to know who we will invite to the workshop. Your project probably has quite a few

Stellar Design Challenges

Things to figure out before we can build the Internet of Values.


Expert review your Onboarding

We will review the onboarding process of your application across relevant touchpoints. We'll do this with a video that enables us to take a snapshot and create an archive.

We will define UX KPI's as a baseline starting point for optimization. We analyze the video using emotion-mapping and the engagement formula.

Video exposes micro-frustrations, the #1 traction killer! Start using Stellar design tools in your design strategy will level up your experience design forever.

We will share our video tools so you can use start your digital empathy journey as a team. Together we will make your onboarding so enticing that people can't resist jumping in.


How to turn your page based application into a conversational assistant. 💬

Start conversations with your customers and be genuinely interested in their needs, wishes & aspirations.
Craft digital conversations around your offering and build relationships with your customers.


Watch the video

Want to Design for Good ?

This is a co-creation project. All effort will be compounded in creating tools which enable us to build software with conversational interaction design.

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