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Sound Assistant App

Project Summary


Dirac, Sweden

My Role

  • Digital Creative
  • User Research China
  • Product Design
  • UX/UI


  • Use Case Standalone
  • Use Case Music Players
  • Dirac Sound Assistant 
  • User Acceptance 8,4


Niels Kijf / Dragon Rouge



Dirac Sound Assistant.

As independent UX Director I was searching for a project that could add positive impact to our daily lives.

In this period I stumbled upon a message on Linkedin from Armin, CTO @ Dirac.

After a few zoom calls I was invited to Uppsala, Sweden and started the design journey which led to the Dirac Sound Assistant

Most people are not aware that headphone drivers needs a specific signal to operate at peak performance. Secondly, sound and music feels more natural when it’s coming towards you Unnaturally, Headphones break the sound direction 90 degrees to each ear. The result of this is that you hear to music in your head instead of hearing the sound in front of you, like you would with a normal speaker setup.

Design Challenge;

How might we design an application which radically improves headphones hearing experience. Making listening to music more natural, immersive and compelling, using Dirac’s professional grade audio signal processing.

I supported Dirac with the help of Erik, Shilpa, Nilo, Rickard and many others to define product definitions, mockups and apps for the different stakeholders in their ecosystem. I helped Dirac in their customer research in China, rapid mockup & prototyping of the different potential solutions.

Dirac offers professional grade signal processing for audio service providers in combination with headphones.


A) Internal Sales Demo Application with Dirac ON/OFF capabilities.

B) A CES demo. Received very well in the audio space.

“People don’t like change — but they do like op optimize things.”, this is a truth I hold close to my heart.

A company which is innovating the professional audio industry for over 20 years, choosing to move into consumer products is a bold move. Is it difficult sometimes? Of course. Did we move the needle? Yes!


Dirac is putting their innovative drive to benefit consumers. I am proud of the people inside Dirac who belief that pristine audio is something everybody must be able to enjoy.


Dragon Rouge came with a bold color pallet to distinct Dirac from the competition. 


NK did the experience design of the app. Dragon Rouge provided the brand assets and together with Dirac engineers we build the app.

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