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Conversational Wallet Design

A novel design approach to self-onboarding non-technical family and friends into digital wallets.

Project Summary


Niels Kijf

My Role

  • Design Research
  • Software Remediation
  • Interactive Content Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Workshop Design


  • Close out report
  • Decentralized Workflow
  • Conversational Interaction Design




Grant, Cardano Community

Conversational Wallet Design

Design research to investigate if we can remediate page-based blockchain design patterns in their conversational counterpart.

Creating a trust worthy access-point for non-technical family and friends by combining utility, education and hospitality in engaging learning streams

Current wallet software separates utility and education, creating a barrier for people to enter and to trust the crypto space and Cardano.

By using chat-based onboarding in wallets we combine utility and information to create a user-friendly and trustworthy experience that helps people reach their goals.

A new design language for interactive content, that is not based on text interpretation. Helping family and friends through a seamless onboarding experience using conversational interaction design.

Page-based design for blockchain is getting old.  If we want to introduce new digital decision-making tools we need to move towards interactive content.

With Conversational Interaction Design I discovered a new design field that lives between chatbots/ai and advanced transitional interface design. A new approach to interface design and content delivery that is future proof.


The design research uses a distinct warm pallet, with gold-like color as creative highlight.


A new conversational interface approach for digital wallets that combines utility, education and hospitality. Seamless self-onboarding of non-technical family and friends is here.


Working with a de-centralized community means that you have to rethink production pipelines. To be able to scale, audit and improve conversational scripts you need a clearly defined way of working. And experience mapping really helped in finding important subject matter, and preparing for production.


To create a mesh-network of real friends, you can invite 3 friends for every 500 experience points. By getting invited by people you know in real life, we reduce the trust-gap. Click the images, and use the left right arrow on your keyboard, to get a better feel of the storyline. 

Conversational Interaction Design Workshop

Learn to transform page-based blockchain patterns in their conversational counterpart.

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