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Conversational Strategy

Start meaningful conversations with your partners & customers and solve small and wicked problems in the digital space.

Book an Experience review of your application.

  • Video's are used for analysis
  • Reviewed by sr. Experts
  • One on One Reviews possible.

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Humanize your software design with actionable design principles.

  • Enable your team to deliver their best work
  • Foundation for design critiques
  • Aligns teams & stakeholders.

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Stellar UX enhances your daily build practices.

  • Less (micro)frustration is more traction.
  • Detect negative emotions to build positive experiences.
  • Build around daily routines and you will build value for ever.

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Is your team still designing in pages?

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The Stellar Community

A team of teams learning and teaching conversational interaction design.

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The Stellar UX Program

Humanize your Software with Design Principles.

For Brand Managers, Product VP’s, Product Managers & Digital Product Designers
who want to design engagement and traction, instead of functional experiences.


Experience review in video
What emotions are triggered by your application? Can we detect (micro)frustrations? Are there any experience gaps? The experience review video’s are used for analysis by senior experience designers. (10yr+) A review & learn format for product managers and teams. Book now

Workshop: Design Principles First

Humanizing your software design start with design principles first. Define your conversational assistant. A co-creation workshop for teams and stakeholders.

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Stellar UX Toolkit for teams The toolkit for teams humanizing software design by designing with principles, focusing on human activity pairs, daily activities & routines, Emotion and experience mapping. Using Conversational Interaction Design to create a mindset shift from application to assistant. Free Toolkit for teams

All workshops, exercises and formats are remote compatible.

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