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AkzoNobel - The Flourish Project

Global e-commerce platform for consumers

Project Summary



My Role

  • Project Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience Design (UX Design)
  • Visual & Interface Design (UI Design)


  • On boarding Concept
  • Multi language
  • E-commerce checkout
  • Colour Selection
  • Product Filtering
  • Inspire Section


The Valley



The Flourish Project

Beginning 2016 I took part in the Flourish team. We were set out to design a new global consumer platform. 5 countries took part in the pilot program. We designed three major customer journeys:
  1. Help me find my style
  2. Deliver my vision
  3. Perfect professional results
Each journey needed its own custom flows and content. Help me find my style was based on inspiration and matching colours. Deliver my vision was a colour to product journey and perfect professional results was based on a seamless filtering process adding colours at a later stage. The Akzo colours are available in Off the shelf colours and can also be mixed in store, this was an important separator for the available colours.

Color & Material

Choosing a base colour for a company that sells colour is challenging. We choose a Turquoise for the consumer side of the platform, as it has a softer appeal.

We Delivered

A full responsive design was delivered to the outsourcing company in India as html. Although some of our design team where in London, we managed quite well as we used Atomic design for our interactive UI Toolkit approach.

Screen design

I worked with Niels for over a year, but if feels as much longer due to how intense this period was.

I hired Niels as a Freelancer to initially do the the Visual Design for the consumer brand MVP, but I was tremendously wrong when I thought he would be limited to it. He did that with one arm and with the other he dived together with the team in huge amounts of data and researches and helped a lot in the UX and in many discussions of Digital transformation and the methodology used on the project development.

Niels also did the UX/UI for the professional brands that contained lots of challenges. Not limited to that, Niels is a extremely curious, open minded and creative professional with great skills to innovate and support digital projects.

For sure someone that I’m not only proud to have great conversations when it comes to trends and out-of-the-Box ideas and Startup projects, but to have as a friend. Definably someone that I would like to work again in my team and company.

Victor Soffiatti
Global Digital Marketing Manager

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