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Month: November 2020

We need to innovate the way we work to create a better world.

We need to shift our focus to co-design and focus on WHAT we are building in the digital space if we want to achieve social innovation. “Magic happens if the

Best Practices and tips for co-creation

Co-creation sessions flourish best when people join voluntarily.  Co-creation tends to attract people who feel at ease in new situations, love change, and feel a purpose in participating in a

10 ways to optimize your Digital Product Design

1 – Design conversational scripts instead of pages.  70% of the world is immersed in chat every single day. Yet, we still seem to design in pages. Let’s evolve and

What is Conversation Design?

Conversational Design (CD) might be the best way to engage with your customers. I argue that we are currently designing something static, something that takes effort to use, is repetitive,

Conversation Design gives your Brand a voice in the digital space

I believe that we can be smarter about customer acquisition and retention as we adopt Privacy by default. We need to humanize our software and become hospitable in the digital

What are Brand Assistants?

Brand Assistants make your domain information actionable using conversation design. The nodes in your network are people. The edges are best-practices, and your principles define your brand in the network.

Conversational UX

Make software social and human. © 2011-2021

The Stellar UX Program

Humanize your Software with Design Principles.

For Brand Managers, Product VP’s, Product Managers & Digital Product Designers
who want to design engagement and traction, instead of functional experiences.


Experience review in video
What emotions are triggered by your application? Can we detect (micro)frustrations? Are there any experience gaps? The experience review video’s are used for analysis by senior experience designers. (10yr+) A review & learn format for product managers and teams. Book now

Workshop: Design Principles First

Humanizing your software design start with design principles first. Define your conversational assistant. A co-creation workshop for teams and stakeholders.

Book now

Stellar UX Toolkit for teams The toolkit for teams humanizing software design by designing with principles, focusing on human activity pairs, daily activities & routines, Emotion and experience mapping. Using Conversational Interaction Design to create a mindset shift from application to assistant. Free Toolkit for teams

All workshops, exercises and formats are remote compatible.

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