Are we building the wrong things in the digital space?

Think about it. This is our current engagement map in solving problems.

Colonial New Business Development is getting old.
Innovate your business by visualizing your Engagement map.

Engagement map: Innovation in a Divergent Design System (Example)
Design Methodology is chosen → Data points are collected → Trends are collected → The business case is formulated → Tech specs are setup → A team is forged → I step into a domain → Talk to Stakeholders → User research is done → product-market fit is visualized → An MVP is written/defined → A prototype is designed → The solution is reviewed with research insights → Iterations take place → MVP is build. → User feedback is collected → Data points are collected → Iterate → Optimize.

Network graph: Centralized, Homogenic, Think tank, Freelancers
Mindset: User/Human-centered design. Silo-ed. Ego (We are good at something)
Methods: Lean, Agile, …
Triangle of Truth: Health, Love, Money (Money)
Hierarchy of needs: Outside-in
Design paradigm: Atomistic. Page based technology. Design System of patterns.
Ecosystem: Existing Infrastructure.
Metaphore: You create a lasagne. 
Sourcing: Hard skills
Workstream: Indefinite
Outcome: A linear design process. Silo-ed Principles, Value & Money. Build your business on top of somebody else’s network. Dissipation of divergent energy.

Engagement map: Innovation in a Convergent Design System. (Example)

Design Methodology is chosen → Who are we? What is our vision? → Why are we here? → Why does it matter? → Where are we now? → Where do we want to go? → What is our success definition? → What is our Desired outcome? What is the smallest step to get there? → Which questions do we need to ask to get there? → Continuous Value Delivery → Customer Feedback loop. 

Network graph: Distributed, Distinct, Fluid team, Passion workers
Mindset: Meaning focused design. Unsilo. Heart (We will find a way)
Triangle of Truth: Health, Love, Money (middle)
Hierarchy of needs: Inside-out.
Ecosystem: New Infrastructure.
Design paradigm: Holistic. Conversational Technology. Design System of Desired Outcomes. 
Metaphore: Golden Spiral
Sourcing: What matters to you? (Hard + Soft skills)
Workstream: Finite
Outcome: A non-linear design process. Entangled Principles, Value & Money. Build your business in the network. Compounding your convergent energy.

What if we are building the wrong things with our technology?
What if we need to shift our perspective to do better?
Want to visualize your engagement map?

Want to share some thoughts? Please reach out.

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