Conversational Brands design a better future.

Conversational Brands design real social networks. The nodes in this network are people, teams, organizations, or brands. The edges are best-practices; your principles define your Brand in the network.

Change your Design-perspective

Choosing an Assistant perspective enables you to redefine your digital product design in conversations instead of pages. 

An essential mindset shift: “You bring your business conversations into the network.”

As money is becoming fluid and data becomes immutable, we need to adapt our digital product design before code becomes law. Our page-based design methods and interactive flows are linear mainly because of our legacy payment gateways. 

Money is becoming fluid, non-linear, so our technology must transition to this new reality.

Why do we design for screen-sizes instead of needs?

It’s the 21st century, and we still design for screen-size.

Fluid money enables us to design for time, location, and context. It still surprises me that all my phone applications are the same, even while I am in a different mood, state, or location.

We need to innovate our Brand and bring our values into the network.

Conversational Brands change their attitude towards technology. 

  • A Conversational Brand assists real-life. 
  • Conversational Brand enriches your real-life by providing you with a conversational assistant.
  • Conversational Brands design digital conversations instead of pages.
  • Conversational Brand guide their design effort in the digital space through Actionable Design Principles 
  • Conversational Brands aim to Design Better Lives. 

Add purpose and meaning to your digital design.

What intent, purpose, and meaning does your business have aside from selling products and services? Becoming a conversational brand enables you to bridge the gap between our real and virtual worlds in meaningful ways, to build relations with your customers, partners, and employees.

Use technology for good.

Once we realize that direct human-computer interaction is evil, we can start building assistants instead of applications. 

What if we used technology to strengthen social cohesion instead of using it to polarize our society?

We need to shift our collective design mindset from human-centered to social-network-centered; become assistant centered design in short.

Let’s build a future we want

We need to choose Combine & Prosper over Divide and Conquer and design for Desired Outcomes. Digital and interactive storytelling is the future. Becoming a meaningful brand is a must; becoming conversational a given.

Learn to design conversations (screen first)—Unsilo your business by bringing education and application together in your Brand Assistant.

Build Assistants instead of applications

Assistants help people to progress a task; applications facilitate repetitive tasks. 

Assistants enable you to use privacy by design. 

Assistants facilitate distributed workflows and distributed problem-solving. Innovate your business by focusing on your domain-specific language and map experiences for your assistant.

Conversational Brand will design Assistants that will enable us to unlock our human potential.

We must unlearn to hoard problems in our businesses in we want to scale our problem-solving potential. 

Our businesses will move into the network, so we better start to learn how we achieve this in a meaningful way. 

Conversational Brands reinstate trust, credibility, responsibility, accountability, reputation, and hospitality in our digital space. 

Assistants will distribute workflow and problem-solving and assist us in getting the job done.

Meaning is the new metrics for success.

Take away

Perhaps you didn’t realize this, but we are trying to solve problems with technology, but we need to design technology that helps us solve problems.

Conversational Brands provide conversational design systems and conversational apps so that people can optimize their goal settings, workflows, problem-solving, and processes.

It’s time to we design for location and context.

Conversational Brands provide interactive conversations based on time, location, and context and close the gaps between our real and virtual worlds. 

Conversational Brands facilitate digital conversations that help change-makers achieve their desired goals.

Build your Conversational Brand today, humanize your software, and design meaningful conversations in the digital space. 

Principles of Conversational Brands

  • Every Brand a just cause.
  • Design for time, location, and context.
  • Be your radical self in the digital space.
  • Entangle principles, value, and money in your Stakeholder Truth.
  • Design conversations instead of pages.
  • Turn emotions into actions.
  • Assist human activities and routines and provide value forever. 
  • Design with Public Principles.
  • Design with emotions, not for emotions.

Want to become a Conversational Brand?

Build your social business into the network and design for desired outcomes. Reach out to codesign your design system first.

Happy to hear your thoughts!


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