1. Define Meaningful Conversations & Traction objectives.

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If we use conversational interaction design we can really start engaging with our audiences in an interactive way, and scale our reach.

Questions for Social Brand Definition.

What is important to our brand?

What will be the lifestory of our brand

What makes our brand special?

How do people recognize our brand?

What is the soundtrack of our brand?

Where does our brand live?

How does our brand respond to the following events?

What is the effect of our brand in peoples lives?

What feeling do people remember after engaging with our brand?

Design Principles

  1. Keep things simple
  2. Use Experience Maps (Become Sovereign) Before, During, After | Thoughts -> Emotions -> Actions)
  3. Leverage investment x4
  4. Positive Ownership
  5. Use first principles on current digital application to find conversational modules
  6. Be humble, Be open, transparent & approachable
  7. Fail fast, fail forward.
  8. Work and experience out loud format
  9. Design the Minimal Viable Ecosystem
  10. Create a minimal viable design system
  11. Co-create business.
  12. Visualize the ecosystem map

Traction Objectives

  1. Intent – Grow our Stellar UX & founding partners Community
  2. Purpose – Connect brands and people around their passion and provide meaningful task-completions to help and support each other.
  3. Meaning – Create a new conversational network, based on permissioned data, outside of the walled gardens and close the gap between the real and virtual world. Reclaim ownership of your data and brands in the digital space.

Key results

  • Build the core-MVP in 3 months
  • 5 Talented Designers
  • 5 Talented full-stack developers
  • 5 Founding Partners Brands
  • 5 Founding Partners Agencies
  • Minimum of 400% engagement boost.
  • Build conversational solutions for daily routines in which our founding partners play a role.
  • Validate traction is this new conversational economy.


  • Make Cardano Daedalus Conversational
  • Professional Audio Domain
  • Fashion Supply chain
  • Good food
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Self Development


  1. Create the Stellar OS Pitch
  2. Send out invites.
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