• We believe that software must enrich our real lives and be a meaningful bridge between our real and virtual worlds.
  • Humanizing our software means that our identity, data and money are our own, safe from any form of centralized authority.
  • Web3, the decentralized web, needs a new interface-layer: CMSUI; Conversational Multi-Sensory User Interface. The social interface layer between people and blockchains, facilitating turn-based interactions with meaningful brands.


  • Conversational Apps supports us in our daily activities and routines.
  • It is our mission to transform page-based interaction patterns into fluid, seamless, and frictionless conversational modules.
  • CMSUI enables us to build principled digital assistants, that assist people in achieving their goals.
  • CMSUI focuses on needs over time, location and context, and frees us from being stuck in one place while creating.
  • CMSUI uses privacy by default

Every brand a just cause

Build your business from the inside-out; define your desired outcomes by defining your meaning, purpose and intent.

“Intent is nothing without purpose, purpose is nothing without meaning, and meaning is nothing without intent.”

Define your true meaning brand. Which conversations define your space? Bring talk and actions together with conversation design. What value are you going to bring to actors in your network?

By building your Brand Assistant you will embrace a holistic approach to business design.

Be bold, surprise people, define your assistant with character, take people on interactive journeys. Remember all their effort and amaze them from the first moment of contact.

All that is meaningful starts with intent, purpose and meaning.

Define your meaningful brand and mirror your values in the digital space using conversation design.

Embrace network thinking and send desired outcomes
through your network.

Network thinking and online co-creation is the future.

Stop wasting your energy in all sorts of applications and channels. Conversation Design gives you the opportunity to start a one-channel strategy and become a real social business.

Think Actors instead of users. Think interactive story instead of target audience. Become your radical self in the digital space and design better lives for your consumers, employees, and partners using online co-creation.

Digital Assistants remove digital clutter and assist people in doing their best work. 

Centralized problem-solving is getting old; embrace network thinking. Don’t hoard problems in one organisation, send problems and challenges through your network.


personal intent × shared purpose × just cause

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Essential training for your brand assistant team.


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