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Before we jump we have to rewind a bit

Before I can explain what UX review in video is, we have to discuss the arena of UX design. What is it, what does it do? Why does is help in creating loyal customers. If you want to jump to the demo you can find episode 1: here.

What is user experience?

Most of the time applications are build from a technical or business perspective. Technology, features and sales opportunities. Although product proposition is logical from a business perspective is often doesn’t make sense from the user perspective. What’s in it for the user?

What an UX Designer does, is change the perspective from a product perspective to user perspective. Looking through the eyes of the end-user. Balancing out business, user and platform needs by applying user centered design.

What are the building blocks of an experience?

I thought hard and long about this, and this is what I came up with:

“Multiple interactions make a moment, multiple moments makes a flow, multiple positive flows make up a positive experience. A positive experience is imprinted in memory by positive feelings which in retrospect still amaze and wow and bring back a happy feeling.”

UX Design in short

Forge the experience of the user in the digital space, by identifying interactions, moments and flows which lead to a clear and delightful goal. Create meaningful experiences which fits the users needs in time, context or location.

The most important questions UX Designers keep asking:

  1. Start with the end in mind (Make a short UX story of the experience and why it amazes!)
  2. Is this a meaningful experience for a user? (Does it fix a real-world problem?)
  3. What problems are we solving? Are the problems connected to need states of users?
  4. What solutions do we offer? Is there a solution, user-need fit?
  5. What kind of audiences do we have, do we tailor for them equally?
  6. Are we still on the right track by validating with end users.

What is UX review in video?

One-liner:The WhiteHat user experience review of your digital product.

My latest UX optimisation product.

The idea is simple as it is effective, let me explain:

The main ingredients are:

  1. Screen capture software
  2. A quality microphone
  3. My experience as a UX Designer, and
  4. I act out as verbal user.

What I do in the UX review in video

I act out as a user and talk about the application while interacting with it. In other words I transfer the perspective from product to user.

As an expert I use voice-over to transfer my knowledge in the audio-track, while capturing the screen. Using empathy to gauge if the experience is seamless or if there is room for improvement.

The goal of ux review in video is too locate any pain points, and get a feel for the total application, its effectiveness, while using all digital touch-points in a real-world scenario.

The power of looking back at the video with ux audio, or what I like to call the empathy audio track – helps determine the quality of your application and perhaps point out areas for improvement.

Let’s dive in, an example.

Virgin America

A one page solution to booking a flight.


I want to book a ticket from New York to San Francisco. I travel with a party of one (me). I would like to leave in the late morning and want to return in the late evening. I only have one piece of hand luggage and a basic seat is fine.

The steps I probably have to take:

  1. Google the website of Virgin America.
  2. Go through the flow of buying a ticket.
    • Ticket Type
    • Party selection, From, To
    • Date selection
    • Product selection (departure)
    • Product selection (return)
    • Upsell options
    • Seat Selection
    • Summary + Pay

As you can see my experience consists of a couple of moments, and this is where UX review in video is powerful.

UX review in video is able to give great insights about the whole experience journey, not just isolated parts.





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