The Pitch Sentence



The biggest challenge in new and existing projects are people. Even when you think you have the same goal, in reality everybody has their own personal view on the subject matter. Assumption creep is the root all failure.


Aligning people is difficult. The assumption that everybody is aligned is dangerous, yet I see it happen in projects of all sizes. Often a project consists of a stack of compounded paperwork. Assuming everyone is aligned is dangerous.


Define your objective into The Pitch Sentence forces your team to think delligently about your problem statement. Most importantly it answers the question who you should involve in validating your design efforts. Clarity is key.


A concise description of your project, which can be validated with your stakeholders and specific target audience. The secret sauce will boosts your success potential and is the secret weapon for your team.


Stop, step back and define your Pitch Sentence. Putting effort in proper definition will align people before, during and after your project.

Make your mission visable in the room and upgrade your chances of success.

Remember: ”Tell people they will forget. Show people they will remember. Involve people they will understand. – Japanese Proverb.”

Download “Stellar UX - The Pitch Sentence” Stellar-UX-The-Pitch-Sentence-Iteration-1.pdf – Downloaded 28 times – 474 KB


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