Triangles of Truth



In this exercise the core Principles of Stellar UX are visualized in Triangles. This enables organisations, teams or projects to assess if they would benefit from humanizing their software design and take steps in social innovation. Each of the Triangles are linked to a specific workshop and or exercise in the Stellar UX Program.

This self-assessment exercise is simple, yet powerful. Best-practise is to gather stakeholders and do this exercise in a group setting. Difference in opinion on placement can lead to great discussions and insights. Place the heart within each of the Triangles to find your Truth.

TIP: Discussing the position of your heart placement could lead to insight that could benefit your organisation or team. The included word document can be used to gather reasons for your current Truth.

This exercise is part of the Stellar UX Pre-scan. 

Need help? Want to discuss your findings? Inquire workshops?

Included in the zip-file:

  • Stellar UX – Pre-scan – Triangles of Truth.pdf
  • Heart.png 
  • Triangle-heart-reasons.docx

Download “Stellar UX - Pre-scan - Triangles of Truth” – Downloaded 15 times – 597 KB


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