Using the same language is paramount to success.



In Stellar UX we don’t use the word user, we think in actors within our conversational ecosystem.

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In Stellar UX we don’t use the word users, we think in actors within our ecosystem.

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Conversational multi-sensory user interface

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Combine & Prosper

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Conversational Interaction Design

A turn based interaction design method. Where conversational structures are used to achieve a positive outcome.

Example of structures:

Value, Effort, Reward
Setup, Conflict, Resolution (Plot twists)
Before, During, After

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Conversational task-completions

A task completions which uses conversational interaction design, a turn based interaction-system based on questions and answers.
Conversational task-completions follow story structures found in screenwriting.

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Design for Blockchain



Decentralized, not federated.

Censorship resistant




Uncorrelated asset

Digital scarcity

Asymmetrical return

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Emotional Spectrum

The positive and negative emotions connected to your product, service or conversational task completion.

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Ethical Design

The shortest explanation: “Doing the right thing for everybody involved under the circumstances provided.”

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Humanizing Software

Humanizing software in essence means that you design your provided solutions from the human perspective. What is the intent, purpose and meaning for an individual. Too often we design our digital products from a product perspective. This is normal, because we life and breath our products every day. Yet if we want to humanize our software, treat your software as an assistant who helps people.

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Internet of value(s)

Internet of Value(s) = Value × Principles × Money

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Many 2 Many

Software is way to individualistic. Design for many 2 many.

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My Personal Principles

Design and building with others is my medicine, it forces me to focus my creative brain.

Network Thinker, Co-creator, Co-create Business

Bold, Respectful & Kind

Confident & Honest

Open, Transparent & Fun

Approachable & Collaborative

Curiousity & Tease


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Permissioned Data

Data is always owned by the user. Permissioned data is used for one task completion only. Data is encrypted and protected by blockchain chain height addresses. Permissioned data is a concept within Stellar OS; the serverless operating system for blockchain.

Once we embrace permissioned data and privacy by design we truly ditch login and registration walls. People simply subscribe to your assistant. Brand membership is the future, as long as you define your just cause clearly.

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Permissionless Platform

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Stellar UX

Stellar UX is defined as the results of your digital offering in the real world and the impact on our daily lives. Stellar UX focuses on desired outcomes and works it way back to chapters needed to achieve this outcome. A desired outcomes must be physically and/or mentally fulfilling. Asking the question: What human ability are we loosing with the technology we are providing is always a mandatory questions. (eg. Automated Cars will unlearn our ability to orientate ourselves in the world).

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Stellar UX – Conversational Interaction Design

Conversational Interaction Design is an official term coined by Niels Kijf on May 14th, 2020, Initiator of the Stellar UX Design system.

Conversational Interaction Design is based on the following principles:

Conversational Interaction Design

Turn based interaction system for engagement.

Inactive story telling

Interactive visuals/UI

  1. Combine technology, interaction (social) & design (don’t layer them!)
  2. Don’t Tell, Just Ask
  3. Push Forward, Navigate Forward
  4. Uses a human conversational flow
  5. Uses Functional Animation
  6. Is not page based, but turn based.
  7. Uses an Experience Structure (eg. Engagement Formula)
  8. Always has a start, middle and end.
  9. Can, but not has to be multi-sensory.
  10. Always tries to create a shared experience between two or more entities.

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Is a group of steps which a user need to take to complete a certain tasks.

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Expert review your Onboarding

We will review the onboarding process of your application across relevant touchpoints. We'll do this with a video that enables us to take a snapshot and create an archive.

We will define UX KPI's as a baseline starting point for optimization. We analyze the video using emotion-mapping and the engagement formula.

Video exposes micro-frustrations, the #1 traction killer! Start using Stellar design tools in your design strategy will level up your experience design forever.

We will share our video tools so you can use start your digital empathy journey as a team. Together we will make your onboarding so enticing that people can't resist jumping in.

Transform your page based application into a conversational assistant?

Start conversations with your customers and be genuinely interested in their needs, wishes & aspirations.

Craft digital conversations around your offerings,
deliver value from the first moment of contact
and build relationships with your customers.

Service design your customers 24/7.


Watch the video