The goal of UX design is to identify trust leaps, so users can push their boundaries and take new leaps of faith.

Design principles first

Nowadays there is a lot of focus on the how we produce. Scrum, Agile, sprints are words you probably hear every day. Although how we produce in an efficient manner is important. I argue that the what we produce is even more important.

The how can be fixed with self-steering ambitious team. A team which can test their assumptions with a quick time to market and a peer-group for feedback. Important questions are: What is success for your project? How do we define our design principles with important stakeholder? And how do we visualise our project so we can create insight for the team, while strategise our next steps.

Design principles are your product vision, a frame of reference and guidance for your ideation and building process. Design principles enable continuous improvement and iteration based on stakeholder truth. Design principles give direction to your collective thought process. It scales and aligns over different stakeholders.

Don’t please your customer, involve your customer.

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UX Consultation

UX design is the art of seamless task completion. There are many dimensions on which user experience applies. From macro to micro dimensions, or from eco-system to feature.

  • Are we re-designing an entire ecosystem? Consistency?
  • Are we optimising an existing product?
  • Do we need to setup a green field project?
  • How do you start implementing UX in your organisation?

Every project needs it’s own design system and my design principles workshop and product character canvas are a great start.

I always offer a 30min UX consultation for free.
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The first step towards Stellar UX: UX review in video.

My UX review in video, is a way to review existing (web)apps. It is realtime. #no filter.

My craft? Communicating a mix of empathy and years of digital experience. I talk over your digital product, while experiencing it. The Outcome is something we can review with the team, and is a great stepping stone for improvement.

“Continuous improvement for your digital product always starts with design principles.” -NK

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One week design sprint

  • Is your organisation ready for the next step in digital product design?
  • Do you want to become a design driven organisation?
  • Want a tangible product concept in one week?

Over the years I created my own toolkit for co-creation workshops. I tailor my workshop towards new, existing or startup projects. I also believe that design sprints need design principles first, otherwise they are bound by the talent in the room instead of your brand.

Interested? Give me a call on +31 6 163 0 162. Or use the form or speech-bubble below.

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Who is Niels?

I am passionate digital product designer. I combine my creative and analytical skills in forging meaningful experiences. Always hands-on, iterating forward.

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UX review in video

UX review in video

Ask me for an UX review. Get an honest analysis & professional actionable report of your digital product today!
First impressions video’s 10 min are free. What are you waiting for? I don’t bite 😉

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