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Virtual Interface


Interface Summary


Temporary connect to a service-on-location to gain access to a system.


  • Design for good
  • Trigger Driven (Geo, NFC, QR)
  • Frictionless, seamless & fluid
  • Connect the real and virtual world
  • Your mobile as remote control
  • Location based service


  • No screens needed on location
  • Extension of an experience
  • Enriched customer experience


Apps don’t shape around my needs, wants, desires and aspirations.


A conversational interface layer based on time, location and context.

CMSUI / Virtual Interface

Conversational scripts and service are linked to time, location and context. 

This will enable a new form of interaction between the real and virtual world.

Imagine walking to your favorite restaurant. Your Assistant automatically downloads the scripts which are available in that location.

This can be a simple menu, or a game with the locals. The potential is endless.

Conversational UI Elements

The main element for a virtual interface is the trigger points or method. This can be a simple geo-location, QR-code or NFC activation.

Design History

This idea was coined november 2020 by NK.

Design Results

UX KPI’s of Virtual Interface

Social Proof

What clients say about virtual interface

Niels Kijf created a brand identity for our travel company Tears for Tigers Travel that exceeded expectations several times over.

Niels began the process by sitting us downx in a very casual environment to interpret, understand and determine the fundamentals to the brand and the business.

The whole process was extremely natural and allowed the true elements and essentials to be told in the story, thus reflected in the identity of the company. From they’re a logo, brand shapes, business cards, marketing material and compliment cards were created.

Throughout the design process, Niels was attentive, efficient and a fantastic listener.

I highly recommend Niels for any company looking to create, design or identify their business.

Jack Baucher
Managing Director

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