My thoughts on logos, icons & brand design


I like minimalism with a twist, add in some humor or make people wonder. A logo without some milliseconds of joy or mystery is a logo without a soul.


Icons create clarity, or are a strong indicator for action or direction. Although there are many icon libraries out there, for a distinct look you have the create your own. Icon design ties in deep with brand identity design,

Brand Identity

Design a digital brand is so much more than a logo, a font an some authentic color scheme. A brand must reflect what you stand for, what people can expect. A brand is like a custom made suit, it only fits the person its made for.

Clients often tell me what direction they are thinking for their new brand. They talk colours, shapes and design direction, but what do they want to convey? What are their value’s. What do you want leave behind in the mind of your visitors.

Over the years I made a brand questionnaire which is a great starting point for a brand identity assignment. Drop me a note, and I will send it over, no strings attached.


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