Q3 2016

Assignment for

  • The Valley
  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Multi-brand design
  • Multi language setup
  • E-commerce checkout
  • Product filtering
  • Service centers
  • Paint job management

Global painters e-commerce platform

Mid 2016 I took part in the painters team. We were set out to design a new global professional painters platform. 5 countries took part in the pilot program.

We designed for an array of professional paint brands by AkzoNobel.

  1. Sikkens
  2. Dulux Professional
  3. Herbol
  4. Others

The brand pillars had one over arching theme. To be proud of your painting results. A connection was made with the painter app and painters were able to visualise their paint jobs before they started.

In the jobs section painters could intake and prepare a job.
The Swedish version of the platform can be seen here.

Color & material

Choosing a base colour for a company that sells colours is a challenge. We choose a lightened blue (turquoise) for the consumer side of the platform.

Dark blue


Broken Silver




What We Delivered

A full responsive design delivered to the outsourcing company in India. Although some of our design team where in London, we managed quite well using our Styletile and iterative design method.

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