Assignment for

  • The Valley
  • Project planning
  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Onboarding concept
  • Multi language setup
  • E-commerce checkout
  • Colour selection
  • Product filtering

Global consumer e-commerce platform

Beginning 2016 I took part in the Flourish team. We were set out to design a new global consumer platform. 5 countries took part in the pilot program.

We designed for three major journeys:

  1. Help me find my style
  2. Deliver my vision
  3. Perfect professional results

Each journey needed it’s own custom flows and content. Help me find my style was based on inspiration and matching colours. Deliver my vision was a colour to product journey and perfect professional results was based on a seamless filtering process adding colours at a later stage.

A great project see the Dutch live website here.

Color & material

Choosing a base colour for a company that sells colours is a challenge. We choose a lightened blue (turquoise) for the consumer side of the platform.

Turquoise lightened


Broken Silver


Dark space


What We Delivered

A full responsive design delivered to the outsourcing company in India. Although some of our design team where in London, we managed quite well using our Styletile and iterative design method.

Mobile & Desktop

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