Page based design is dead! Why?

  • Page based design is not user centered, period. (People think in results for themselves, not in your product line.)
  • Pages silo interaction and information by default. (It’s hard to create an immersive experience with pages).
  • Every page is a potential drop-off point. (Especially if your business logic approach takes lead in your designs)
  • Pages are static & don’t resonate emotionally. (How about you walk in a shop, and you get the exact same greeting over and over? Homepage change content, but don’t shape around me. User centered?)
  • Pages don’t support customer journeys very well (especially if you have a multitude of customer journeys)
  • Interaction & development debt in the page based design paradigm is hard to maintain.

To put is from an bluntly from an UX perspective;
Pages are arrogant, why does somebody else choose how I get to interact with the information or result/need I am looking for?
I am looking for a certain results, I need something, I want something fixed. This perspective shift enables fluid experience design with conversational or transitional UI.

What is Conversational GUI?

Conversational Graphical User Interface is a new way of thinking about creating a relationship with your audiences.

A system based on a chat-like approach, not using AI (yet), guiding users through a certain flow with graphical interfaces. It’s fully focused on the need of the user. It stores choices in your open profile – and you are in control of your data all the time – but the system learns what you are interested in and visualises this for you if you want.

It’s a webdesign paradigm shift. Why would you interact with pages when you can have a conversation and learn what people want.

  • Conversation enables a customer journey by default
  • It’s resonates emotionally. It feeds our needs more fluidly.
  • It’s result driven
  • It’s a turn based proces, which can be continued on a later time seamlessly. (How many times did you start over your search for a nice holiday?)
  • It’s a new way of interacting with your (potential) customers.

Design principles for Conversational GUI.

  • I Just Ask
  • I socially enrich data-sets
  • I learn on the go
  • I am transitional, Agile & over a fluid experience
  • I adopt around you, but you are in control, always.
  • I combine information flows in context
  • I can process data¬† in the background by default
  • I can seamlessly switch between scripts & real people.


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