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We are designing for the individual and that results in an individualistic society. Designing for local society; results in a new social contract, refreshed social cohesion and enables us to unleash our true human potential by sending challenges through our network.


Rebuild your brand in the digital space as Conversational brand. Embrace Assistant-Centered design; a turn-based transitional interface approach that makes chat actionable. Become Blockchain ready.


By building conversational modules that all participants can use. It's your just cause and story that matters, build your brand assistant to boost your problem solving capacity.

"We need to embrace assistant-centered design before code becomes law." - NK

Do the conversational brand checklist.

This checklist will run you through a set of questions which give you a clear indication if your company would benefit from a conversational brand.

The checklist →


Use Stellar UX to assess your experience journey across digital touch points.

Step 1. Where are you now?

We record your main task-completion or experience journey as experience review in video.

This will expose emotions and micro-frustrations in your software. 

This video is in itself not so exciting, but it is a goldmine for attention and action points.

We will use this video to extract your experience journey.

Play Video

Example of an Experience review in video.

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A part of an Experience journey extraction. (Example)

Step 2. Extract your experience journey and rebuild as Assistant.

By listening to the commentary in the video we can extract the needs, wishes and frustrations like no other method can.  

We can also extract the exact flow of the chosen task-completion.

This gives us the content we need to start building your Assistant.

Extraction starts 2m25.

Step 3. Extract your activity pairs

We use the spreadsheet in the previous step to extract our activity pairs.

This will enable us to build our experience map.


Play Video

Index your activity pairs. (video soon)

Step 4. Where do you want to go?

Co-design your first experience map with your activity pairs.

By combining the right questions with your activity pairs and domain information you can make your domain information actionable.

A unique method to combine designers and non-designers in value creation.

Combine application , education, your brand into your Brand Assistant.

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Design your experience map with your Domain Specific Language and human activity pairs.


Step 3. Design with Data & Emotion.

Onboard the user, all steps are saved automatically. Smart combination of questions and interactive answers pushes the user forward.

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Step 5. Write your first Experience Story

Choose a chapter in your experience map and write an experience story that uses the engagement formula.

Designing with data will show the true power of conversation design.

Step 6. Build an interactive prototype.

Now it is time to see the result in actions. In advanced prototyping software we make a demo of our experience story.

You can imagine that creating scripts instead of pages gives us a lot of creative freedom.

Permissioned Data opens up a new world to testing and service design.

Creating scripts to do acquisition is one simple example.

Compounding your effort and insights in the digital space will make your assistant more valuable over time.

Play Video
Play Video

Step 7. Create your network map.

Conversation Design is based on network thinking and on-line co-creation. We design for experience gaps.

This will enable us to design fluid, seamless and frictionless experiences between the actors in your network. 

“A void in communication fills itself with negativity”.


Micro-frustrations are the #1 traction killer.
Assess your micro-frustrations and streamline your experience design today.

Our gut feelings drive our actions.


Emotions trigger actions.
Assess how your current offering resonates with an UX-expert.

Turn negative emotions into Positive experiences.


Video captures emotions best.
Only video can capture emotions across different digital touch points.

Learn how to use real-time media in your experience design.

Become a Conversational Brand.

Join the conversation today and research conversation design together.

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How to turn your page based application into a conversational assistant.

Define your Brand Assistant

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The top micro-frustrations

1. Annoyance
2. Frustration
3. Confusion
4. Overwhelm
5. Doubt
6. Reluctance
7. Regret
8. Dissatisfaction
9. Guilt Micro-frustrations are traction-killers.

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