Every brand a just cause!

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Stellar UX – A design system for Humanware is based on mindful use of natural language in your domain. Mindful use of words is at the core of Stellar UX.

Are you designing for emotions or are your designing with emotions. (First is Agency, Last is Stellar UX)

Understanding the difference between words like; intent, purpose, and meaning is vital.

I noticed that for me it was not totally clear what the exact distinction was.

Stellar UX defines a Just cause as the horizon behind your Intent x Purpose x Meaning, so that made it pretty damn important for me to get it right.

So here we go a short article in which I set out the subtle distinction between intent, purpose, and meaning and how it relates to your just cause.
Spoiler, perspective is the main differentiator.

Intent / Burning desire for action from within

“Intention implies a general desire or plans to accomplish something. While Intent is a little stronger, indicating a firm resolve to get it done. The state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific objective.” [1]

Purpose / The reason for action for yourself and towards others.

“The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. A person’s sense of resolve or determination.” [1]

Meaning / The justification of action for yourself and towards others.

“A reason or justification someone gives for action by internal values & beliefs.” Meanings are in people. Meaning is the part of the core values that resonate with someone’s belief system.

Just Cause

“A Just Cause inspires all to make their worthwhile contributions and feel valued for it. A Just Cause is linked to our WHY, our noble purpose for being. Our WHY comes from our past—it is our origin story, and it is who we are. Our Just Cause is our WHY projected into the future. It describes a future state in which our WHY has been realized. It is a forward-looking statement that is so inspiring and compelling that people are willing to sacrifice to see that vision advanced.”[2]

Every brand a just cause!

A just cause has a broader network than one brand.

source: [1] https://www.vocabulary.com/, [2] https://simonsinek.com/

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