Hi! I'm Niels Kijf.

I craft methods, workshops and exercises for Conversational Experience Designers.

Conversational Experience Design

Design strategy for next-generation transitional interfaces that makes you AI, Mixed Reality and Blockchain Ready.

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Design Culture Assessments

Self or guided assessments

Systemise Problem Sensing

Platform assessment

  • What is your current Design Perspective?
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Emotion mapping
  • Pain & Gain Personas

Assistant Design

Digital storytelling & Interactive Content allows us to design true personal experiences. What role do you want to play in people's daily lives?

Meaning Workshop

Just cause definition

  • Meaning
  • Values
  • Emotional Spectrum
  • Moral Compass
  • Business model
  • Just Cause Statement
Outcome: Setting the dot on the horizon, boosting moral, drive and motivation for all involved.

Purpose Workshop

Brand Assistant Vision

  • Empathy Warm-up
  • Personality / Character traits
  • Emotion Mapping 
  • Brand Assistant Ikigai 
  • Brand Assistant Characteristics
  • Crazy 8
Define what role you want to play in people’s daily lives, by finding your reason of being.

Intent Workshop

Stakeholder Truth

  • Data synthesis
  • Meaningful Insights
  • Design principles
  • Character map
  • Assistant Booklet.
Agree and sign-off on thought-direction and define your vision statement & Stakeholder Truth.

Social Product Strategy

Level-up your experience design

  • Emotion mapping
  • Pain & Gain Personas
  • Action Labels
  • Meaningful outcomes
  • Experience Mapping
  • Engagement formula

Interactive Content Design

Design conversations instead of pages.

  • Story mapping
  • Screenplay & Screenwriting
  • Design Conversations
  • Conversational Modules
  • Assistance Stories
  • Dreamteam for interactive content
Meaningful Outcomes
  1. Software-driven social impact.
  2. Design next-gen interfaces and become AI, Mixed Reality and Blockchain ready.
  3. Empower People in their daily lives by designing Social Apps that matter.

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Sr. UX/UI Designer

Workshop & Co-design facilitator

I facilitate workshops to design meaningful software together.

Emotion Mapping, Pain & Gain personas  and Experience mapping are a few of my favourite exercises to really drill down on what people actually need.

Designing Assistants, instead of applications is my mantra, as it transitions users into actors, and pages into  interactive conversations

Let’s discuss projects, challenges and opportunities for your organisation.

Because page-base design is getting old, and we need new transitional interfaces to integrate AI into our businesses.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Freelance Senior UX/UI Designer

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Minimal viable testing and pre-prototyping are the future of validation first.

Together we create an experience map of a piece of your current software. It's fun, insightful and educational.

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