How do I iterate forward?

Iterate forward is closely connected to the principle Kaizen, which is Japanese for continuous improvement.

Where scrum and agile focus on the how, design principles help the direction and quality of your product and focus on the what.


  1. I set a finite time on an iteration. (You can achieve a lot in a week).
  2. I define the objectives and key results, before we commence.
  3. I involve my audiences. (Involving lead-consumer is of utmost importance!)
  4. I use first principle to index what’s needed. What are the problem-branches?
  5. I validate my problem-branches with my users before I continue.
  6. I make the smallest selection possible from my problem-branches and focus on only this.
  7. I start with the best digital representation and go from there. (I think in user needs, not features.)
  8. I research and collect the data-structures and link them to the customer journey.
  9. I push my solution to our audience as quick a possible. (There a lot of ways to test and prototype your idea.)
  10. I must feel a bit ashamed of my first release, but there is some magic there too. (Don’t keep it to yourself too long, see 1)
  11. I understand there is no such thing as a final version in digital product design. Insights will change over time.
  12. I assign a co-creation facilitator which keeps the team on track.

In the past we often approach digital media design as a project with a start and end. If you want to be successful as a brand you need to weave digital into your companies DNA. Your presence online becomes the product.

That’s it for now, will add to this article iterating forward.

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