01b – What are Design Principles?

Note2Self: Add in examples of Design Principles like Osme / Shield.

  • Design Principles describe the ultimate goal for your product; your ideology and vision.
  • Design Principles are the description of your guiding beliefs and ideals concerning your product.
  • Design Principles are statements to which you mirror your design process.

Design principles are the vision statements of your project. The unique rulesets or laws by which you hold yourself, your team and other stakeholders accountable, including your lead-consumers. Every piece of your project; ideas, decisions, moodboards, drafts, designs and prototypes. Every element you will encounter in the production of your product must validate against your design principles.

Design Principles enforce decision making and create positive arguments for your design direction. Design principles give a feel of purpose for the creation of your product. They are the reason why you start the project and the reason why you will finish the project.

Why should you use Design Principles?

Design principles are combined answers to a lot of why questions. They can be applied to almost every dimension of your project. They can be applied to interaction, visual design and technology. Design principles can also used by external stakeholders like agencies and copywriters or social media agencies.

Internally Design Principles are the compass for every action and design effort you take. I like design principles so much because they enable me to combine goal, emotion and vision into one. Not only for me, but everybody in my team. And knowing that we involved to most important stakeholders, we are also certain their voice is heard and used in the design process.

  • Design Principles are a concise framework for collaborative effort.
  • Design Principles guide effective workflow.
  • Design Principles are the ideal tool for digital product design.

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