01a – Design Principles, an introduction

My design tool of Choice!

Design Principles strengthen my design effort by, frame my creativity direction and guide me in making design decisions which also fit the brand. They simply level up my work by separate good from bad design decisions. Design Principles are the judge during my design reviews, especially in times of disagreement. Design principles evoke discussions at the most beautiful time of a project; at the start.

Why I evangelize Design Principles

In the first place I want to humanize and add meaning to our software design. My biggest frustration is that ethics in software design seem thrown out the window and the only goal seems profit. I belief that if we start focusing on human activities in our software we can achieve both.

Our brains are not armoured against all kinds of digital persuasion taking place in todays internet. Designing for our shortcomings is quite easy and arrogant. I rather think in term of actual meaning, adding positivity to our lives through technology.

In this ebook I want to explain and show that design principles are the tool of choice in creating authentic and meaningful experience. That we have enough software for the individual and that if we change our perspective towards designing for a shared or community experience. The whole playing field shifts towards positive impact.

Don’t just design for distractions and maximal eyeball time. Design principles are the most powerful tool to define your product vision in one sheet of paper, while aligning stakeholders. Stakeholders which include your lead-consumers or other bold thinkers in your domain.

Remember; “If you are not creating with your consumers, you are not building for them! You are probably building something for yourself”.

These series of articles is my way of sharing my insights in the reasons your should use Design Principles first, how they are created in the best possible way, and I even include the exercises to give the workshop yourself. As I rather share my knowledge to add meaning and purpose to our software design.

Happy ready,
Niels Kijf

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