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"I believe we arrived at an ethical cross-road in our digital product design. We must accept that software we build dictates our future. I evangelize defining (wicked) problems as design principles, and enable society to use technology for good." - NK

Our money is becoming fluid, our interfaces are not.

Blockchain needs a new interface paradigm that aligns the fluid attributes of money with a fluid and seamless interface experience. If we keep designing pages this issue will not be resolved.

The biggest problem with new technology is a phenomenon called Horseless Carriage Syndrome; the bad habit of using old design systems with new technology. A good example of this is still designing in pages with cutting edge (fluid money) technology like Cardano.

Don't let history repeat itself

If we want to reach mass adoption for blockchain we need a new design paradigm that combines education, utility, and ease of use in a new fluid interface system. Let's co-design a conversational interface for blockchain, humanize our software design, and build digital conversations instead of pages. Let's make chat actionable together!


Stellar UX is a unique design system that might safeguard our (digital) future by humanizing our software using conversational interaction design; the replacement for responsive design.

Make your domain information actionable and pre-prototype experiences for your customers, partners and employees. Define your design principles and build your Assistants with your Authentic Attitude. Design for Desired Outcomes and guide people to their goal. Become a hospitable Conversational Brand in the process.

People will use technology to Divide and Conquer or Combine & Prosper. I believe in a world where we build Assistants with human principles, where society uses technology for good. Where we enslave technology, and build Humanware to reach our greatest potential.

I initiated Stellar UX as I felt an obligation as a digital product designer to humanize our software design before blockchain hits mainstream.

But I can't do this alone. I created a workshop to build your Authentic Assistant as Conversational Brand. I genuinely believe that conversational technology will replace page-based design, as it is hospitable, pleasant, polite, and simple easier to work with.
Are you ready to scale your purpose through conversation design?

Stellar UX (Research & Strategy) & Conversational Interface Design (Assistant Centered Design) make your Brand blockchain ready, brings back design ethics, and reclaims your brand in the digital space.

Choose a one channel strategy, design circular and become a Conversational Brand that helps their costumers based on time, location and context.


Send me a message and let's do a co-design session with your application.

Our page-based applications are outdated!

Conversational Apps (for blockchain) are the future.

After global e-commerce platform #5, I became unmotivated by what I was building in the digital space. Perhaps you recognize this; we abstract our digital design so much that all fun is squeezed out.

In our current design we still focus on the product instead of needs. We tell people what to do instead of asking them what they want. We design pages instead of conversations. Or we hide behind the Internet and often don't even know who our customers are.

I know, even for 2020 this is crazy! UX research is in the lift, but research is part of your self-steering design team; information and understanding are not the same.

This annoying feeling of building the wrong things grew upon me; it became itch, my drive, fuel, and motivation to rethink digital product design.

So when the pandemic hit, I took it upon myself to build a new design system that enables a group of people to create their best work. To map their Conversational Apps, instead of making an application.

This new thinking, and new potential, got me excited again!

The world is ready for a new way of working. We have to put our skills together to make this a reality. To achieve this, we first need to upgrade how and where we work together. Secondly, we need to ditch page-based design and embrace conversation design—a new turn-based interaction paradigm that is more suited for blockchain's fluid money.

Stellar UX supports this new way of working. A new co-design system to humanize our software design and make us Blockchain Ready.

Must I be crazy to undertake such a journey all by myself? Perhaps a bit. But I needed this solitude to put together this design system from start to finish. It is not perfect, but it is an excellent step in the right direction. I hope you want to give it a go!

Stellar UX enables teams to pre-prototype Conversational Apps instead of applications. It allows us to start a new conversational network outside of the walled gardens.

I will show you how you can extract your activity pairs, map desired outcomes, and most importantly, how you can humanize your application into conversational apps to which people can subscribe! The game-changer!

Stellar UX is not about skill-judgment or ego. Stellar UX works for designers, developers, and non-designers. Stellar UX is a new co-design system, born from my drive to build better social technology.



People have needs. Needs change over time. Our current design systems is based on pages, but flows build in pages are difficult to change and/or optimize. In page-based design we need to make choices, and steer people into a direction you came up with. If you design in pages, you will never tailor to your visitors actual intent, as you made the choices for them.

Why not ask your visitors a question, or give them options to select a desired outcome. Why not make it easy to manage their project with you.

This is where Stellar UX comes in, it uses activity pairs (verbs, nouns and adjectives) based on conversations you have with the actors in your space. You can also use your current application, or even expert articles, video's and reviews as input to extract activity pairs.

Activity pairs are the fuel for your new pre-prototyping process. Humanizing activity pairs is an important step creating software from the human perspective.

In our current applications, we don't respect people's time and effort. We store information for our purpose (cookies) and we track people with advertising technology. We 'blackmail' people into sign-ups. We focus on new customer acquisition without nurturing our client-base. We assume too much, and we never connect customers, ever.

Yet, we are shocked that our Internet is broken.

The problem starts with our design approach and our ethics. If we don't involve our customers, we are not building for our customers. And involvement today, by doing co-design sessions, is much cheaper than expensive market research.

Page-based design is a horseless carriage syndrome. It is old, it is static, and forces you in making choices from a business perspective. Even worse. Page-based design results in applications that are harsh, impolite, and tell people what to do.

What if we could build software that benefits the business, the team, and our customers? How would you like to level-up your experience design?Wouldn't it be amazing if we could use technology for good?

Do you feel the urge to do things differently? Would you like to overhaul your digital product design? Make technology that matters while making a good profit?

Well the last 9 months I tried to rethink what the future of digital design should look like, and I came up with:

Conversational Apps which are device agnostic.

1. Extract your experience journey in a spreadsheet using your current software.
2. Write down thoughts and emotions
3. Extract your activity pairs
4. Humanize your activity pairs 5. Co-design your experience map with designers and non-designers.
6. Write your digital screenplays
7. Design your conversations
8. Build your Conversational App with conversational modules.

Conversational Apps help you to build relationships in the digital space. Let's build technology that focuses on cohesion in society and connects people in meaningful ways.

The benefits of Conversational Apps?

Build your business into the network, become blockchain-ready, connect actors in your network, facilitate best-practices and workflows and enable people do their best work. Conversational Apps connect people in meaningful ways.

Conversational Apps will enable new possibilities.

Want to know what your conversational app would be? Want to manage one code-base? Want to design for 'all' devices at once? Want to ideate solutions for time, location, and context?


Assistant benefits

  • Deliver service across relevant touch points.
  • Reduce bounce-rates by starting interactive conversations with your users.
  • Surprise and wow your customers with interactive content.
  • Show genuine interest in your visitors and tailor to archetypes.
  • Applications create work. Assistants solve problems.
  • Build relationships by keeping track of users progress.
  • Define meaningful task-completions & traction objectives.
  • Brand Assistants enables users to continue their experience on other touch points.
  • Replace harsh and functional experiences with digital hospitality.
  • Brand Assistant scale your story and problem solving potential.
  • Compound effort and insight into your Brand Assistant and close all experience gaps.
  • Brand Assistants; Adopt a one channel  conversational strategy.

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We need to close our experience gaps by compounding our effort and insights into our Brand Assistant.
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