Below a description of the service and skills I use as (lead) User Experience Designer. Feel free to contact me * if you any questions concerning your current or future project.

* Happy to answer your questions, or help you get started through a lean canvas workshop. (First session free)

I am a problem solver

My work field has different layers,from a helicopter view for a whole experience (marco view) all the way to hands on optimization of a specific user interaction (micro view).

My strength is the combination of production and social aspects involved during development. Getting people and teams motivated for maximum performance and drive is my passion (Workflow optimization). This results in a energetic and positive vibe on the floor.

My experience in my own company (9 years as creative director / visual & interaction designer), leading up to 12 people, and the refinement of the my creative process and toolbox, gives me the perfect combination of team player and problem solver through creativity,  technical knowledge and functional design thinking. Using tools as needed to optimize the experience, not dictate the experience.

UX Designer

Is the hand-on proces of using requirements or goals to create wireframes, prototypes (low-, high fidelity), often called information architecture, interaction design and interface design.

The toolbox I use depends on the project and work-method. One of my favorite tools are Illustrator, Axure and After Effects (I have been a Visual producer for 4 years, and teached 30+ Young visual producers during VjAcdemy).

The speed of iterations is often dictated by the development method (Waterfal, Agile/Scrum, Lean).

Brand Identity designer

Before I start applying a visual design to an experience, there should be a solid Brand Book. Developing an experience without, is a dangerous path, and can result in an experience which can not be traces back to a specific brand. Tying a brand and experience together in a seamless positive perception results in brand loyalty.


Visual Designer

My approach
After approval, the output of interaction design, wireframes and prototypes  is used to create the visual design.

Applying Brand identity guidelines to the wireframes to create a branded version of the experience. This can be broken down into user interface design and content design. A flat design style is becoming a standard in todays design. Often animation is coming into play as well, for this I like to use Adobe After Effects.

Visual design has two important goals, create credibility and recognizability for a brand.
Exceptional UX Design and Visual Design should be applied for a maximum positive user experience.

UX Strategy

I describe UX strategy as the spectrum of first contact of your potential customer until interaction completion and aftercare. UX is not only digital, it’s consists of brand value’s, brand identity application, digital touch points, service design and the main; to create brand loyalty by the positive experience your users have with your brand.

A UX consultant makes an assessment  of a specific user journey of a companies / brand experience, with the goal to grow brand loyalty and business. Or to create a whole new product or service. The feel people get with all interactions with a company or brand should reflect a positive experience towards the brand as a whole.

UX as a whole is therefore an ongoing process in growing and maturing the brand image and should include lead consumer and fans to optimize and accelerate the problem solving process.

Visual Interfacing

I believe we need a new type of interaction with technology. A more visual and human way;
Think infographics meets interaction. See Gravity UI.

Co-creation team lead

I really believe co-creation is the new way for companies to use the power of their lead consumers / users to innovate and create real customer loyalty ánd truly innovate their products.
Why we have learned to devide everything is probably because we weren’t connected like we are today. We needed a system.
The system today is internet, being connected means sharing; ideas, comments & emotion.
Put dividers in your company by hierarchy, on your employees through function descriptions, by targeting your customer instead of involving him/her, is – in my opinion, but trending online – a thing of the past.

My principles:Shared economy, opening up, innovation through co-creation. Be honest and bold. Achieve great results through co-creation.

Also see my lean book pilot: The Lean Co-creation Hanbook (outline)


The subject of my current talk is: “The importance of play and co-creation”,
Í love writing media philosophy and create concepts and ideas through my profession as UX Designer and Visual Designer.