A selection of my work


I like minimalism with a twist, send a strong message and making people wonder. This beautifully applies to logo design.

Clients often tell me what direction they are thinking for their (often) new brand. But what do they want to convey? What are their value’s.

Even harder, create a logo for yourself. In 2011 I became a freelancer, and I created this brand identity. Three years later I created the logo below.


In conjunction with logos are icons. Powerful, simplistic indicators for action or direction. I will create multiple icons for the different types of content used within my Ibiza challenge website. Below a little selection of my Icon work.


Logo Design


Niels Kijf


Mikado is a strategy game with one goal, removing sticks with your fingers without moving the other sticks. An abstract for my UX work; The art of simplifying.

Brand identity by Niels Kijf

Ibiza Winter Challenge

“Tip of the iceberg”

My Ibiza Winter Challenge is my 6 month challenge (perhaps longer ;) in Ibiza during winter 2014-2015.

Logo design by Niels Kijf


Natasja Pronkhorst

“Elastic band ball”

The passion in Natasja her work was so obvious, together with her creative and personal approach
and her love for expressionisme; The elastic band ball was born.

Brand identity by Niels Kijf

Icon design


Section icons

In todays digital design language, icons are a solid anchor point for interaction and simplification.