Interfaces should be more visual, more interactive, more context based. They should create insight while using them through animation. Touch, sensors, screens and real-time feedback allow us to do far more than we are used to today. And the most important issue; you should be able to use the software with your team. Software is far to individualistic, new ways of storage (the cloud) is only the top of iceberg, we need a shift in software design. Not feature based, but task completion based software design.

Gravity is based on one simple force; gravity. If you give something attention the gravitational force is bigger. If you don’t give attention this force weakens.

Every subject in gravity is a pipeline, every pipe segment is a chapter. Pipelines can be separated or combined.

Gravity is a sphere with the gravitational force from the middle points outwards.

Gravity can contain people, calls, emails, but in a tasks completion way.

Gravity never forgets.

Gravity has boundaries which you can set easily.

Gravity notifies you when items pass a boundary.

Gravity counts interaction.

For incoming messages Gravity used Shield.  Shields can be customized for personal preference. A shield is an inverted notification boundary.


  • Write article: A smartwatch can be so much more than a fancy time-piece.
  • Create detailed sketches.
  • Share some detailed use-cases.
  • How does this interface work from Smartwatch to interactive wall.

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