Disclaimer / ToS Free UX review 

  • One restriction: Only single concept apps / saas applications are eligible for a free ux review. Otherwise we can’t go in depth.
  • Report and interview will be in English.
  • Before I start my UX review of your app or application I will send you a short questionlist about the app (pre-interview)
  • The pre-defined report is “as is”. Extensions on the report only by quote request
  • The information send to me, created by me,  will possibly be published on nielskijf.com
  • This is a free service, and in this light, Niels Kijf can not be held liable for published information.
  • A small agreement will be made through email.
  • You automatically sign up for the nielskijf.com mailing list.
  • Because I choose a project from the subscribers, there is a chance it’s not your app or application. But you are always free to send me a message.

If the report must stay confidential normal rates (€100,- p/h) and non-disclosure apply.