About Startup Ibiza

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About Startup Ibiza

Hi! My name is Niels Kijf, I am User Experience and Visual Designer from Amsterdam. I have been on the island since july this year. Few weeks ago I launched my new website and did a little request on creative freelancers on the island. The response was quite overwhelming! I had been thinking about a network of creatives for quite some time, but this positive response, really triggered the idea, and the will to realize this network in Ibiza. At first as a social network, for business acceleration and cross-pollination.

In short:

The social platform for freelance creatives and creators on the island of Ibiza.

I spoke to some of you already, but talking to you all in person takes time.

Progress and steps to take: (updated December 18th, 2014)

  • Create a working signup page ;) – done!
  • Create a mailinglist for Startup Ibiza
  • Do a little survey, want to participate follow this link
  • Transfer this content to startupibiza.com (probably in the new year)
  • If you signup today, perhaps we could do a new years drink in the new year
  • Update this list ;)

But first things first, if you are interested please Signup for Startup Ibiza.

Even better, if you want to share some of your thoughts on the concept, feel free to join the conversation in this little survey about Startup Ibiza.

The 19th of december I will head home for Christmas and New years eve, I will return to the island the first week of januari 2015.
So we can continue were we left off!

Talk to you soon!


Startup Ibiza :

  1. The introduction
  2. Signup for Startup Ibiza
  3. The survey page
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